Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007: Have you heard?

A couple people have told me that they heard me on WJQ! Unfortunately I haven't heard myself yet but maybe that's a good thing. Yesterday when I got home from church there was a message from WJQ that my sister had nominated me for the "Contest of all time". When I called back I talked with Gary Thompson for a little while about what has been going on with us this year.

He told me that I had won a gift certificate for the family to Applebee's, a gift certificate to Priscilla's Boutique, a free night for the family at Holiday Inn Express as well as a gift certificate for supper that night at Sharkey's. Also, a week of meals from Request Foods and a watch from Jensen Jewelers! I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. I also didn't realize that I was being recorded. I was quite surprised when a friend called me later to tell me that she heard me on the radio! And apparently it aired again this morning.

I received a beautiful e-mail tonight from someone who heard this interview and checked out our blog. It's just amazing to look back and see how God worked through all of it.

That was the excitement before nap time. I napped yesterday and went to bed early because I was pretty nauseous and very tired. I'm also quite tired tonight but fortunately I had enough energy to go to the Girls Night Out with Ashely for GEMS. I'm definitely ready for a good nights sleep now!

I do have some prayer requests to share:

*All the kids are fighting off cold symptoms. Also, Emily is very clingy with me these days. I think she missed having me around while we were gone this past weekend and then I left again on Monday for chemo. Although I enjoy the extra cuddle time with her, it can become physically tiring.

*I have scheduled an appointment with a psychologist through Pine Rest for two weeks from now. Brian will also be coming with me. I have been struggling with guilt. I know it sounds strange but I just so much believe that I will beat this that when I read about other people who have far more serious issues than I have then I feelings of guilt about being a survivor. I'm probably getting ahead of myself by calling myself a "survivor" but positive thinking never hurts!

*A while back I asked for prayers for my mom's friend Louise. She has gone through the surgery for a double mastectomy and has begun chemo. I talked to her a couple weeks ago and she sounded amazing! She also has the peace that I have found. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she has to have six treatments of a very toxic chemo.

*Brian, as always, is pulling some extra weight. I seem to be a bit more tired from this week's chemo and he has been taking over so I can rest. Please pray that he will stay healthy. He has been running a lot lately on the treadmill - yea! Pray that he will continue to be motivated. His ankle has not been giving him too many problems - hooray! I can tell that this exercise is helping him feel better physically and emotionally. Thank you!!