Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007: More Info & Prayer Request

When I stopped Dr. Downey in the hallway the other night, he told me "we're not out of the woods yet". During the operation, he took several tissue samples as well as cells from her liver to be biopsied. He said we should get the results by the end of next week. He said not to be surprised if the report comes back with a 'positive' reading. He says there is likely still cancer at the microscopic level. I hesitated posting this because I didn't want to dampen the mood, but I feel this required more prayer. I would like to blow Dr. Downey away one more time. Please pray that the test results come back negative and that the cancer is 100% gone.

Please don't be discouraged...we're not. This week's surgery was a huge success. We wanted two things out of this surgery: 1) the colostomy reversed and 2) no tumors on the liver. God answered both of those prayers. Dr. Downey did take some tissue from inside her liver to be biopsied, so we need that report especially to come back negative. Cancer in the liver would be very bad obviously.

Microscopic cancer we can deal with. If the report comes back with a positive reading that just means more chemo will be required next year. We are prepared for that. Like I said before, the one biggest thing Kristi wanted was that colostomy reversed. Words can't explain how ugly, brutal, horrific and down right dehumanizing that bag was for her. I only posted a small percentage of the struggles she had with that thing. So the fact that the bag is gone is a huge victory for us.

Please prat that we blow these doctors away one more time and that all the test reports come back negative.