Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Just Happened?!

2 weeks ago Dr. Downey called us to tell us they found 3 suspicious spots on Kristi's liver. In the pre-surgery meeting with Dr. Downey I asked him about those spots. I asked him if they could have misread the scan and possibly picked up her stomach port. He said 'no', there were definitely spots on the liver. He indicated that it could be puddles of fluid that gathered in the scar tissue, but that there were actually spots on the scan, not shadows or anything of that nature. Spots.

So in the meeting with Dr. Downey immediately after surgery, he indicated "I scoured the liver looking for anything but couldn't find anything. Test after test kept coming up negative". He squeezed and squeezed, looking for masses. So I asked him again later Tuesday night when it was just me and him in the hallway - I asked "what about the liver, the spots? are you sure it wasn't the stomach port?" He reiterated again it wasn't the stomach port they read in the scan. He said "I can't explain it, we found nothing on the liver". He told me that before surgery he was "gravely concerned" over what he was going to find. Then I got goose bumps.

I know what happened. You know what happened. I think he knows what happened.