Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007: Unexpected News

I apologize to those friends and family that are finding out this news through the blog. I have tried to make many phone calls tonight to help prepare you for the news but in order to call everyone I would be on the phone all night long.

I had a CT scan a week ago and assumed no news was good news. Unfortunately I was wrong. I received a phone call tonight from my oncologist. He has received the written report from the scan and it showed three suspicious spots on my liver. My doctor believes that the cancer has spread there. He is hoping to get the films in the next couple of days so he can get a better idea of what they saw.

He will be contacting a specialist as the liver is not an area of his expertise. Hopefully these spots are something that can be removed and the specialist will be involved with my surgery on the 18th.

Right now there is mostly just speculation. I am feeling better now than I have felt in over a year. It's hard to comprehend that anything is wrong. I want to enjoy these next two weeks while I am physically feeling so good. Right now I am at peace with this (after getting over the shock). I know I will have some very down moments over the next few weeks. Please pray that I will let go and trust completely that God knows what is best and He is in control.

We are going to tell the kids that the doctors did find some more cancer in my tummy. They know that during my surgery they were going to look for more cancer. We're just going to let them know that the picture showed some more as I'm sure people will be talking at school and at church. For those of you that have contact with Ashley and Nathan, please do not make a big deal of this.

We've just hit another bump in the road of cancer and we'll jump over this one too!