Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007: A Christmas Miracle

We all know of the Christmas miracle 2,000 years ago...our Savior was born!

Well, this Christmas we're asking for another miracle. We have asked you to pray boldly in the past for God to rid Kristi of this cancer. Now I'm asking everyone to pray feverishly. Yup, I'm asking everyone to crank it up! Not that I think you haven't been praying hard enough, I just believe this is a time where we need to cover Kristi with extra prayers. Our God is not too small to perform this miracle. He can do anything, anytime. I'm asking that this be that time. I'm not going to ask anyone to fast for Kristi - I'll let you make that decision on your own; but, I am asking everyone to pray until it hurts so that when they open Kristi up on Tuesday they find nothing.

Kristi is still at complete peace with this. Please continue to pray that this peace continues to cover her. As the day gets closer, I find myself getting extremely anxious. OK, I admit, I'm a basket case. I'm sure some of you are the same way. Tuesday will be a big day. Biggest so far. Please pray for everyone involved, including you. Like I said, I'm sure I'm not the only anxious one out there. Please pray that God gives us all this peace that Kristi has.

As Kristi mentioned before, her doctor is on vacation this week and we will likely not get the official results of her CT scan until Monday. Believe it or not, we're OK with this. At this point, what good would it do for us to know any more. If the cancer is on her liver, it's on her liver. Knowing that now would only jeopardize Kristi's peace. We hope they don't call.

This is crazy stuff. A year ago we were making our Christmas preparations just like everyone else. Now we're fighting for Kristi's life. We would have never imagined. We have grown so much over this past year it's been amazing.

Our blog passed 40,000 hits today. It seems like I just put the 20,000 fireworks video on here...where did 30,000 go?! That is just amazing. The video of her testimony has been viewed over 1,300 times. Wow. Thanks for continuing to support us!